White Washed

We are now “officially” in the clear, it’s post Memorial Day and wearing white is deemed acceptable!

Does that fashion rule even exist anymore? I’m not so sure, I think I hold forth its truths when it comes to bottoms and shoes. I steer clear of white pants, skirts and shorts until I feel like summer has arrived and wellll also because I’ll start to have a little color on my legs! But a white shirt, sweater, or even bag, I’m all for it- whatever the season is.

White in the summer is the perfect, clean look. It’s light and airy which is much needed during the warm temperatures and complements a healthy tan fabulously.

Here are some favorites of mine for looking fresh and chic all summer long. These essentials are versatile with any wardrobe and can allow for endless mixing and matching!

Scalloped Shorts


Ankle pants

Lace Dress

White linen

Maxi  Skirt (also worn as a dress)