Workout Review: Barry’s Bootcamp


{images via Barry’s Bootcamp}

I survived.

Not going to lie, I was sort of scared going into this class. When a friend suggested a class for her birthday, I said sure, (while also noting she’s a much better person than I would ever be on my birthday and you most certainly would find me eating cupcakes and pizza before a boot camp) but nonetheless 3 of us went to try it out.

Prior to agreeing to the class, I didn’t know much about Barry’s, except that it’s “hardcore” and that Kim Kardashian does it (which also gave me a boost of confidence that if she could, I definitely could). The day of, I decided to do some Google searching on what really was going to happen to me in class that night. Then I got scared.

I saw bits and pieces of “running on an incline at a speed of 9.5” (I’m lucky to break 7.0), “lifting weights 15 lbs and higher” (I’m comfortable at about a light 5 pounds), “push-ups for 2 minutes face to face with another person” (just plain awkward) and most importantly “an instructor screaming at you to get it done” (I don’t like to be bullied), after that I was like ut oh. I tried messaging my friend to suggest maybe a cocktail and dinner albeit the class? Wasn’t happening, we already paid and we were going.

Walking into the studio was a bit intimidating- dark, music blasting, colored lights shining on the equipment and a long row of treadmills staring me in the face. I went right for a treadmill wanting to knock off one of those sets right from the start, figuring I needed more strength for the running part verses the floor.


The class is divided into four 15 minute sets- 2 treadmill, 2 floor with the group dividing between the two. The floor consists of steps and free weights that we used to target arms, chest and abs. The treadmill portion was focused on speed and incline, increasing and decreasing accordingly. Both were excellent workouts that got your heart pumping and there was enough change in the routine so you won’t get bored.

It was definitely hard, but not impossible and certainly not as scary as I anticipated. All in all I enjoyed class and definitely felt it was an efficient workout and use of an hour.

Will I go back? Yes! It was a great workout and the time passed so quickly going back and forth between cardio and strength.

And the best part- after completing a serious bootcamp you can hit up the Fuel Bar outside the class for delish protein smoothies to recharge. Try the Simply Peanut Butter!

Bohemian Chic

This past weekend, I checked out the new Haute Hippie store in East Hampton and I died, 10 times over. The clothing is gorgeous and inspire thoughts of fun and flirty summer nights- which in my opinion is a perfect boutique for Newtown Lane. The collection is the perfect blend of bohemian style meeting glamour with a little bit of lace and romance mixed in. As I browsed through the blouses, beaded dressed and just overall chic hippie vibe clothing, I knew I was in love. I’m already figuring out in my head excuses for needing at least 2 of these pieces! Not one for ever needing a reason to shop, their prices are on the higher end so a little justification is needed.

{some favorite looks}

Double Silk Georgette Ruffle Strapless Dress

The Ex Tee

Ruffle Gown


channel your inner hippie!