a Mid-Summer Soirée

My fabulous friend and President of Cameo PR, Malorie Kaye, threw a wonderful event this past week, which I had the pleasure of attending at DL Rooftop.

The title of the event was a Mid-Summer Soirée and indeed it was! Cocktails flowing, a DJ pumping music and treatment tables galore were just some of the highlights.

I eagerly enjoyed all that was there to offer and left with colorful nails, perfect beachy waves in my hair, groomed eyebrows and a face of carefully applied make up. Oh and I can’t forget the cutest illustration of moi, done by Brooke Hagel, which I could not stop gushing over!

Shobha was doing eyebrow threading, and as NYC’s hair removal expert, they definetly knew what they were doing. I can’t wait to check out one of there 3 locations for a touch up!

Next up was getting some curls and waves done to my otherwise straight and boring hair. I loved how they came out and couldn’t stop checking my hair out! I have Sambrocato Salon to thank for the wonderful styling and products. They are located in SoHo and a highly recommended salon to check out.

At this point I was on a roll and it was time to get my nails done by Julep. They had the BEST colors to choose from. As a devoted Essie fan, I must say I was very impressed!  I ended up with a dark shade of pink and have been sneaking peaks at my nails all day.

And of course no party is complete with some yummy snacks too munch on! I was obsessing over the warm, soft pretzels and buttery popcorn, which is just what you want/need when drinking with friends. …Or that could just be me?

Lastly, before my friends and I left for a night on the town- pampered and styled, I had my make up done by Parker Morgan, and he was so fun! Not for the tame, he was all about glamorous, see and be seen look. By the time we walked out of there, I did a 180- in a good way- from how I arrived and it was perfect for a night in NYC.

Cheers again to Malorie, for throwing such a cool, well put together event- I wouldn’t have expected anything less!

all photos by Sara Kerens*

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