Hamptons Spotlight- Sunset Beach

A little piece of heaven.

Trendy and retro, sophisticated but laid-back.

Gorgeous sunsets, so perfect that they almost don’t look real.

There’s a European vibe serving chic French food.

Nothing is quite as beautiful as the sun setting on a summer night.

Sunset Beach is located on Shelter Island, NY. It’s one of the gems of the Hamptons and I make sure to get there at least once a summer.

The pictures barely justify how amazing the sunsets are and sitting at the outdoor bar, with a fabulous cocktail in hand, is pure bliss.

It’s a seaside hotel and restaurant that epitomizes the perfect summer hideaway. Albeit, the prices may be on the steep side, I believe it’s worth every penny- for at least one night.

A quick ferry ride from Sag Harbor and you will be transported to this cozy, beautiful island. A must for the summer!

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2 thoughts on “Hamptons Spotlight- Sunset Beach

  1. I LOVE Shelter Island! One of my many fun and unique experiences since moving out here was taking the ferry over to Shelter Island for one of my daughter’s volleyball games! First time I ever did that!! Beautiful pics…thanks for sharing.

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